Relive the 9th-century collapse of the Mayans. Find out how it is happening again according to the Mayan calendar.

Experience exactly how Mayan Shaman took journey’s into time and made detailed predictions about our future.

2012 was the end of a 26,000-year cycle, and the rebirth of a New World Order that will persist for the next 26,000 years. What will it be? Find out here!

When the franciscan friars arrived to the Mayan Riviera in the 1500s, they carried with them secret edicts from the Pope to find evidence of Christ in the New World. 

Absolved of their sins in advance the Franciscans began a ruthless sacking of Mayan history, animism, and astronomy to obtain all shamanistic methods of seeing the past, present and future.

Discovering of a fractal geometry of time, the Franiscans began taking psychonautic journeys into the ancient past and distant future. Katun was first of the ancient Mayan codices they plundered, and it led them directly into the 9th-century collapse of Mayan civilization, and to 2012, when all civilization would end, and start anew.

Discover the authentic Mayan shamanism, cosmology and animism of the Mayan civilization depicted in their literal history inscribed on Mayan pyramids and Mayan pottery.

Meet the real-life Mayan Gods, Kings and Queens, Priests and Warriors, Merchants and Farmers, and all the elementals with whom they life, power, and death. 

Experience the exotic character driven historical fiction fantasy of the collapse of Mayan civilization at the time when they made their most detailed predictions about 2012, and the twenty-year apocalypse that would follow. 

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Mystics of the Maya begins in the 1500s when Spanish priest sought to deliver the ancient codices to the Vatican. Thus begins a 13-year game of supernatural chess between the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the Tripartite Order of Mayan Shaman in possession of fantastic science.

Conspiracy, coercion and torture follow as the Franciscan order seeks to obtain mastery of the Mayan sciences and plunder their history for evidence of Christ in their new world.

As the Franciscans penetrate Mayan history their psychonautic journeys shatter their Catholic perceptions of reality and opening up a helical vortex of time which begins to strand them in the 9th and 21st-century apocalypse.

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Author Stacy James

Stacy James has written and developed hundreds of television dramas, feature films, and documentary series.

In 2013, Stacy partnered with Fred Fuchs, Producer of Godfather III, and sixteen Francis Ford Coppola films, to develop a dramatic streaming series about Nikola Tesla.

In 2012, Stacy was awarded the Bell Media National Fellowship Award for extraordinary work in non-fiction documentaries.

Stacy was Associate Publisher and Director of Video production for Stash Magazine, a monthly showcase of the world’s top VFX, Animation, and Motion Graphics.

From 2001 through 2005, Stacy was Director of Publicity at Granville Island Publishing.

Throughout the 1990s, Stacy was co-Founder, Broadcaster, and Chairman of Content at Kootenay Coop Radio. He also wrote articles for Music & Culture magazines, interviewing Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello, Loreena McKennitt, Ry Cooder, Ali Farka Touré, Ani DiFranco, and many others.

Stacy currently resides in Mexico, writing the final draft of Mystics of the Maya: K’atun, novel one in a series of four connected novels.

Mayan Calendar: 2012

In his efforts to reconstruct a living experience of the classic era Mayan civilization, Stacy was among the first to discover the work of independent scholar and Native American traditionalist Mr. Loren W. Jeffries.

In episode #1 of the MOTM podcast, Stacy interviews Loren on his book The Sacred Count: The Fractal Calendar of Ancient Mesoamerica.

Mr. Jeffries details the glaring errors made by 20th-century scholars leading to the 2012 end date notation and many other astonishing discoveries. 

Correcting these errors, Mr. Jeffries has revealed a more accurate end date notation, along with previously unknown astronomical correlations to the calendar system showing how the Universe literally comports to Mayan fractal mathematics.

Mystics of the Maya: Katun (novel mockup(
The Scared Count: The Fractal Calendar of Ancient Mesoamerica
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Mystics of the Maya is the first Historical Fiction Fantasy novel
series set during the 9th century collapse of the Maya.

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