Mystics of the Maya

Mystics of the Maya is the first historical fiction fantasy novel series set inside the 9th-century collapse of Mayan civilization.

It also follows the real-life history of Franciscan friar Diego de Landa in his 16th-century quest to find evidence of Christ in the New World.

Worlds collide when Landa’s quest plunges him into the Codex Katun, the chronicle of a 9th-century Shaman King who traversed the underworld of death while still alive.

Friar Diego de Landa arrives on the Yucatan peninsula in 1549 A.D. Armed with a secret edict from the Pope, Landa must find evidence of Christ in the New World as a weapon against the Reformation in Europe.
Absolved of his sins in advance, Landa sets upon a ruthless quest for power while seeking to penetrate the Mayan priesthood and ascertain their ancient codices.
Heresy, ex-communication, eternal damnation, Landa risks it all, not realize he is becoming ensnared in a paranormal conspiracy for which he is ill-equipped.
Researched over twenty-six years, Mystics of the Maya is a narrative odyssey into authentic Mayan history, science, and cosmology.
The personalities of real-life Maya Kings and Queens, priests, warriors, merchants, and farmers come alive in the context of their literal history. An elaborate re-enactment, Mystics of the Maya spans twelve centuries of Mayan history, culminating in their 9th-century collapse.
In parallel, Mystics of the Maya depicts the 16th-century conquest of the Yucatan from the perspective of its most influential heroes and villains.
Landa ensnares a Mayan Chieftain to deliver his son, Gaspar Antonio Xui, as a novice to the Franciscan Order.
Believing Gaspar is a high-ranking Priest in the ancient tradition, Landa attempts to learn the whereabouts of the ancient codices and how to read them in the context of their prescribed timing, rituals, and hallucinogenic medicines.

Obtaining the Codex Katun, Landa’s first attempt to penetrate its cipher results in his consciousness being devoured into a helical vortex of time, stranding him inside the psyche of Katun on his journey through the underworld.

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About The Author

Stacy James has written and developed numerous television dramas, feature films, and documentary series.
In 2013, Stacy partnered with illustrious Hollywood producer, Fred Fuchs, to develop a multi-season television drama about Nikola Tesla.
In 2012, Stacy was awarded the Bell Media National Fellowship for extraordinary work in non-fiction documentaries and marketing technologies.
From 2007 to 2008, Stacy was Associate Publisher and Director of Video Production for Stash Magazine. Stash is a monthly showcase of the world’s best visual effects, animation, and motion graphics.
From 2001 through 2005, Stacy was Director of Publicity at Granville Island Publishing.
In the ’90s, Stacy was co-Founder, broadcaster, and chairman of the content committee at Kootenay Coop Radio. He also wrote articles for various culture and music magazines, having the good fortune to interview Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello, Loreena McKennitt, Ry Cooder, Ali Farka Touré, Ani DiFranco, and many more.
Stacy currently resides in Chiapas, Mexico, where he is fervently writing the final draft of Mystics of the Maya.


In his efforts to reconstruct a living experience of the classic era Mayan civilization, Stacy was among the first to discover the remarkable work of independent scholar and Native American traditionalist Mr. Loren W. Jeffries.
In this first episode of the Mystics of the Maya Podcast, Stacy interviews Loren about his book The Sacred Count.
Mr. Jeffries details the glaring errors made by 20th-century Mayan scholars leading to the incorrect 2012 end date notation.
Correcting these errors, Mr. Jeffries has rediscovered a more accurate end date notation, along with numerous previously unknown astronomical connections to the calendar system.

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