Brand Ambassador Bomber Jackets

Brand Ambassador Bomber Jackets feature images from original Mayan and Aztec codices. Featured prominently are the Dresden, Borbonicus, and Libellus codices.

Dresden Codex is an elaborate 11th-century copy of a 9th-century Mayan book used by ancient Shaman to prognosticate the future. Their calendar mathematics demonstrates that astronomical phenomena are helical, and thus time is as well.

Codex Borbonicus is a 16th-century Aztec divination tool used in the New Fire Ceremony of 1507 A.D. Borbonicus employs the same mathematics as the Maya calendar. Some scholars claim that the Borbonicus predicted the downfall of the Aztecs.

Mayan helical understandings of time and space are the key ingredient to understanding near-future outcomes. It is the key ingredient to ancient Mesoamerican animism, cosmology, and the collapse of all civilizations. As within, so without – as above, so below – as before, so it shall be again.

Codex Libellus is a book depicting the medicinal herbs of the Aztecs before the conquest. It shows the Aztecs’ possession of sophisticated disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Brand Ambassador Bomber Jackets feature images from these and other codices because the buyer is participating in the rebirth of Indigenous science and cosmology.

Mystics of the Maya is a guide for this rebirth. It portrays the real-life kings and queens, gods and monsters that led the Maya to their collapse.

Announce your awareness that the same gods and monsters that led the Maya to their collapse now inhabit the leaders of today.

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