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This #1 Ambassador jacket features daring images of ancient codices from Mesoamerica and is marked with the Maya numeral #1 in the sleeve to identify it as the first design in a series of designs specially made for Mystics of the Maya Brand Ambassadors.
The front and back-facing images both feature pages 4 and 5 of the Dresden Codex, a Precolumbian Maya manuscript. The Dresden Codex is a Mayan book, which is believed to be the oldest surviving book written in the Americas, dating to the 11th or 12th century. It is written in Mayan hieroglyphs and refers to an original text of some three or four hundred years earlier, describing the local history and astronomical tables of the classic era (pre-900 AD).
At one time there were thousands of such manuscripts, revealing detailed understanding of deep space and near earth astronomy, advanced mathematics including the concept of zero which emerged in Maya and proto-Maya cultures as far back as seven hundred years before Christ.
On one sleeve you see the Mystics of the Maya logo with the Mayan numeral one, and the exterior ring of the Aztec Calendar Stone, the portion of time that was universal to all Mesoamerican cultures including the Maya, Aztec, Toltec, Mixtec, Zapotec, and perhaps at one time, all of America. This would have been during a truly ancient Transcontinental trade economy that connected the Megalithic Empires north, central, and south. America. This economy likely connected the Inuit in the Arctic Circle with the Selk’nam people, also known as Onawa or Ona people, of southern Patagonia.
At that time, individuals born in the Arctic, and Patagonia could have traveled by foot to the opposite pole and back in a single trade mission lasting a whole lifespan. The circular round of this Mesoamerican Calendar represents the Five Ages of the Sun. Each age lasts 5200-years, turning over five times before it begins again every 26,000 years. That 26,000-year turnover is now!
For a complete and ongoing education in Maya, Aztec, and other Mesoamerican cultures, subscribe at https://www.Patreon.com/mysticsofthemaya
The square frame image on the other opposite sleeve is a section of the Aztec calendar Borbonicus. The Borbonicus is a divination manuscript that shows how the Aztecs used the same core time sequence as the Maya, a 260-day calendar called the Tzolkin. It represents what is called 13-20-time, and is the heartbeat of all Mesoamerican calendar systems.
The Bobonicus Aztec Calendar Codex is a five-hundred-year-old manuscript. It was painted by Aztec priests shortly before the Spanish conquest in 1521 A.D. It is probably a duplicate of a previous document depicting time-based divinations, their attendant deities, and the ritual ceremonies necessary to invoke their presence. This specific codex was said to have predicted the downfall of the Aztec Empire, during the New Fire Ceremony of 1507 A.D.
Mystics of the Maya is a historical fiction novel series, capturing and reenacting the recorded events of the 16th-century conquest of the Maya Yucatan, and the collapse of the Maya civilization in the 9th century AD. It is a looking-glass into two parallel universes, each one a stage along a spiraling scale of repeated scenarios in time, into today, a major evolutionary leap scheduled for the human species.
It will interest you to know that the Mesoamerican worship of the Sun may very likely have been the result of their own unique understanding of the electromagnetic relationship the does and always has existed between Humans, the Earth, and the Sun. Based on the astounding mathematics embedded in the calendar system, none of which were accurately portrayed in 2012, describe a species (human) living in an ever-fluid ocean of extremely low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves (radio). Human information is today distributed on these ELF waves, and we have been receiving information from the Earth and the Sun, as a bioelectric species immersed in the electromagnetic frequencies of the Sun and the Earth since the dawn of our time.
Choosing to buy and wear this Jacket, you consciously acknowledge that you understand the enormous import of this relationship between the Sun, the Earth, and Human consciousness (tuned by the bioelectric frequencies of the Sun).
It’s also a vibrant all-over print Aviation Jacket.
You can wear it over a basic t-shirt or layer it under a winter jacket—ideally a bomber jacket. The combination looks amazing. With a brushed fleece interior and a relaxed fit, this jacket is versatile, confidently stylish, and prognosticates the birth of a new era, a new vibration of the Sun.
Buying and wearing the jacket announces to the world that you support the Mystics of the Maya.
Proceeds go towards the writing of the final draft of Mystics of the Maya, novel one, titled “KATUN”.
Visit Katun in the “Books” section and subscribe to https://www.Patreon.com/mysticsofthemaya
Be quick and grab this one before we discontinue this design forever! New designs will come out, but none will bear the Mayan numeral 1 again. In this way, this jacket is a measure of time. Wearing it you will declare when in the process you became an integral part of the Mystics of the Maya.
You are the #1 Ambassador
• 100% polyester
• Fabric weight: 6.49–8.85 oz/yd² (220–300 g/m²)
• Brushed fleece fabric inside
• Unisex fit
• Overlock seams
• Sturdy neck tape
• Silver YKK zipper
• 2 self-fabric pockets

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