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AQ’AB’AL’ Three (3) is your Mayan Tzolkin birthday!

The basic interpretations (similar to an astrological reading) are as follows.

Owl | Shadows | Night | Starless Night | Obscurity | Dream

West (the going in place) | Black | Soil

3 – Movement – Activation – Lightning

To learn everything there is to know about your day, as well as all those of the 260-day, 360-day, 365-day, 5-day, 52-year, and hundreds of additional wheels of time embedded in the miraculous Mayan astronomical, mathematical, and (terrestrial) animistic calendar system, join us at

Among Mayan epigraphers, as well as the Mayan Elders of Guatemala and the Yucatan regions, Ak’ab’bal is synonymous with the owl, that which sees things laying in the shadows burrowed into the soil, and thus that which is obscured, hidden in the night, in the shadows, in darkness, in bad intentions, and within our own shadow characteristics.

AK’AB’AL is therefore synonymous with the West. The western region’s color is black (black maize). The Owl announces death from the trees at night before it swoops down to make the kill. It is therefore synonymous with transformation and the search for disclosure of that which is obscured, and for protection against those with hidden agendas (seeing clearly at night), seeing the obscure or hidden intentions in others, or in those who deliberately obfuscate their ill-will (conspiracies). This is a tremendous virtue in the people of Ak’ab’al in general.

West is interpreted as the ‘going in place’ of the Sun, the dawn of night. And where is the Sun going? The Sun is going into Xibalba, the underworld. This direction is therefore synonymous with the temporary death of the Sun, the dawn of night, and the dangers of darkness and that which is obscured. In Mayan codices, West is placed at the bottom of maps and is therefore synonymous with the underworld, the place beneath the earth.

On a more personal level, the inward direction, West, and Ak’ab’al could be interpreted as romancing the shadow. People ignore and deny their own shadows. When confronted with their own shadows, in the form of unpleasant interactions with others, they often project the essence of their own shadows onto others, making shadow enemies and combatants of those people and circumstances that do not synchronize with conscious understanding, or the perfect image of self that all egos preserve in their private opinions of self.

The underworld must be contended with. It is the nexus point at which menticide (brainwashing) and mass psychosis are enabled. It is so easy to manipulate a person or a large group of people who have not encountered and stood their ground in the face of their own (diseased) personality traits. For instance, people who are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives, hand power to governments and organizations to do it for them, accidentally fashioning the shackles of their own slavery. How is it possible to grow, let alone stave off the worst menticide of large societies, without individuals willingly encountering and facing your own ignorance? The easy levers of Menticide and mass psychosis are personal and collective fears, the anger, shame, despair, apathy, pride, and greed that these fears provoke, as well as the aggression and violence they stoke within.

Those born in Ak’ab’al are called to enter the cave within and stand their ground against their own shadows as an inspiration for others! Doing so calibrates your intuitions (Owls eyes) towards the darkness of inner and outer darkness.

These battles take place inside ourselves. They are the fertilizer of our growth. They are a necessary evil. In the teaching of Siddhārtha Gautama (Buddha), this is the essence of Noble suffering. Without observation and non-reaction to the unconscious reactivity of the mind, we cannot break the links of these reactions, diffusing the storms and fires they generate before they get out of hand in the form of personal and collective psychosis. The most beneficial outcome of these inner battles is an acceptance of self, including the shadow self, that diffuses the power of the shadow and produces a willingness to not react. When a person is non-reactive, they become empowered to act from a place of awareness. This is the ideal outcome for the individual and the collective. Do not succumb to fear.

In Yucatecan Maya, the word for West is chik’in, meaning ‘enter’. In the Aztec language of Nahuatl, the west is called ‘tonatiuh ycalaquian’, meaning, ‘the Sun’s entering place’; the advent of darkness.

Xibalba, the Underworld, is described in the Popol Vuh (the Mayan creation story) as a court below the surface of the Earth. It is the court in which the judgments of death are meated out in the form of ordeals designed specifically for the individual based on their actions in life. These ordeals must be navigated and overcome, even after death, in order for the soul to safely pass through Xibalba to the base of the world tree (the Wacah Chan or Yax Imix Che, depending on the dialect) from where the soul may ascend up the stalk (to reincarnate), or to join the ancestors on the White Road of the Milky Way traversing the Otherworld toward the center of the sky.

The inevitability of death forces us into an inevitable confrontation with the twelve Lords of Xibalba, and their animal familiars. These are like the seven deadly sins, in their light and dark aspects (twelve) and the uncertainty principle (Heisenberg principle), the number 13.

For all the information on the Mayan underworld, the Lords of the night and their animal familiars, join us at

The number three (3) adds the dimensions of action or taking action to navigate through and around shadows, as the Owl sees in the night.

Because the 3 is associated with what we do, it is the introduction of creativity and right brain activity, resolving issues initiated (1), and observed (2) in the two days prior.

This hat symbolizes your energy, or the energy of a loved one, born on Ak’ab’al 3.

As you learn more about the calendar at wear this hat and be aware that you are taking steps to synchronize your consciousness with natural time, and for the reharmonization of all humanity with nature and true purpose that lives beyond simple material ambitions

That is the essence of the Mystics of the Maya.

Incidentally, the hat is structured with a classic fit, flat brim, and full buckram. The material is high quality, durable, and easy to clean. The back strap is of course adjustable to make it a comfortable, one-size-fits-most adornment. It is available in 20 color combinations.

• 80% acrylic, 20% wool
• Green Camo is 60% cotton, 40% polyester
• Structured, 6-panel, high-profile
• 6 embroidered eyelets
• Plastic snap closure
• Green under visor

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