Designer Hoodie for Women – Dark Pink, Purple, and Metallic Gold – Itzamna 6.0


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This designer Hoodie comes in Dark Pink, Purple, and Metallic Gold.

This design features twenty Maya Gods and Shaman cut from the Dresden Codex. The Dresden Codex is an 11th-century Mayan manuscript duplicated from an 8th-century original that was certainly used as a divination tool and may have predicted the 9th-century collapse of the Mayan civilization.

This hoodie is governed by the Mayan creator God, Itzamna. Itzamna gifted the Maya with sophisticated sciences including astronomy, mathematics, writing, and medicine.

How sophisticated were the Maya?

Animism dominated the pre-flood science and technology of human civilization for more than 13,000 years. Animistic cultures built the antediluvian pyramids at Giza, and the megalithic sites of Göbekli Tepe, Machu Picchu, Baalbek, Easter Island, Stonehenge, and many other locations. It was a global civilization predicated on pyramid power.

Animism continued as the dominant cosmology after the flood in civilizations such as Sumer, dynastic Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, Angkor Wat, Teotihuacán, El Mirador, and of course the Mayan civilization.

At its core, Animistic principles state that all objects and systems—including humans, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather, arts and crafts, writing, but especially thoughts and speech—are animated, literally alive, and thus form their own consciousness. Therefore, these aspects must not be unnaturally manipulated, twisted, or exploited out of respect for their inherent consciousness.

This is an enlightened concept.

Animistic understanding of the unseen world was perhaps similar to our modern understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, gravity, nuclear and other forces.

Animistic science was capable of building structures that have stood for many thousands of years. These structures contain millions of stones, each stone weighing a million kilograms or more. That’s two million pounds per stone. And yet these pre-flood civilizations were able to quarry, transport, and then fit these stones so perfectly together that we can not even slide a slice of paper between them. Modern civilization is nowhere near capable of this, and yet we are "educated" to dismiss the past as devolved and rudimentary. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Look at the ancient Mayan pyramids, their pottery, and codices. It is self-evident that the Maya had incredible medicine, engineering, astronomy, and a natural construct of time that we still do not yet fully comprehend. We are literally a species in amnesia and lost in time.

In designing these clothes I wish to convey that this is not just a luxury hoodie but rather a living object. It obtains its lifeforce from a combination of intent, design, and the quality of your actions in the world as you wear it. This is at the core of what it means to live an animistic life. It is to be aware that everything, all material objects are infused with unseen energy interacting in real-time with your thoughts, your actions, and those of everything around you.

Having an awareness that your being is in constant communion with this unseen world, and across unseen lines of communication, is at the core of all life.

The vision of Mystics of the Maya, including the novel series, apparel, the education center at Patreon, and perhaps future movies, games, streaming series, and documentaries; is to resurrect and reconstruct a modern awareness of animism and its cohort, Real-Time.

So, what is real-time?

The Mayan calendar is commonly viewed as an archaic timepiece from a stone-age culture. This is either a misunderstanding or a blatant lie on the part of Academia.

The calendar is in fact a fractal algorithm in perfect harmony with thousands of astronomical, terrestrial, corporeal, and other phenomena.

The Maya, and their predecessors at El Mirador, Machu Picchu, Egypt, and other places, possessed this scientific knowledge as far back as 11,000 B.C. The calendar system may in fact be a relic from a time before the ancient flood. Clearly, we are many thousands of years behind the curve in terms of scientific discovery and application.

Certainly, we are in the dark ages of morality, ethics, and harmony with nature. Modern civilization is in desperate need of a new direction.

2012 ended a 26,000-year cycle of the Mayan calendar. This 26,000-year cycle is called the Axial Precession. Axial precession is the gradual shift in the orientation of the Earth’s axis, as it rotates in a circle over 26,000 years. This is the true cause of global shifts in temperature and the fluid movement from the hotter periods into the Ice Age, and back again.

Starting at the end of 2012, we entered the first 20-year (K’atun) period of the new 26,000-year cycle.

According to the Mayan calendar, this is a tumultuous (earthquake) period triggered by an electromagnetic and gravitational rebirth of the Sun. Think of it in terms of the earth’s interaction with the Sun and of interstellar electromagnetic or gravitational phenomena.

Human beings are bioelectric organisms. We are antennae for this ongoing electromagnetic and gravitational relationship between the Sun, the Earth, and our bioelectric consciousness. Bear in mind as well, this is an open-ended relationship. In other words, we are in constant and direct contact with everything happening at the electromagnetic and gravitational levels across the Universe. This shift in perspective will also be the key to unlocking open-ended, that is to say, unlimited and free energy sources colloquially called free energy.

Clearly, the Maya did understand at least some of the nature of this open-ended and interdependent relationship we have with the universe. They codified it in a fractal mathematic algorithm and maintained it in the form of their calendar system.

This is the exact meaning of Real-time, to be acutely aware of the universal syncopation of all phenomena. The Maya codified real-time in the Gods and symbols they used to depict these phenomena in syncopation, in the Dresden Codex.

You will be wearing this knowledge as you wear this jacket. Even if we don’t understand the symbols perfectly, we are psychic beings who achieve breakthrough awareness intuitively, creatively, instinctually.

The information that was lost through brutal cataclysm, and then the conquest and the colonialism of the past 520-years, is recovered by inspiration. Therefore, we must surround ourselves with the fertile soil of inspiration. In this way, we pull from the unconscious realms and begin to reconstitute what was lost, and how to work with it to bring humanity out of this current dark age.

We are in the first twenty-year (K’atun) period of the New Sun, the beginning of the next 26,000-year cycle. The nature of what this new 26,000-cycle will be is decided now.

The future is entirely dependent on us. Even if we do not see what the outcomes will be, nor precisely see the impact of our actions within our lifetimes, it is nevertheless essential we proceed with ethical clarity and total commitment.

It is time that we all understood the power of our thoughts, actions, inactions, and acquiescence.

It is an ideal layer for winter wear. It is light enough to wear overtop a t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt in Spring and Fall. It is breathable enough for summertime. No matter how you decide to wear it you will look amazing.

With an ultra-comfortable brushed fleece interior, relaxed cut, and a premium quality print, this bomber jacket is a meaningful and versatile addition to your wardrobe. Grab yours now!

And remember, we are all Indigenous!

• 100% polyester
• Fabric weight: 6.49 oz/yd² (220 g/m²), weight may vary by 5%
• Brushed fleece fabric inside
• Unisex fit
• Overlock seams
• Sturdy neck tape
• Silver YKK zipper
• 2 self-fabric pockets
• Silver YKK zipper
• 2 self-fabric pockets
• Silver YKK zipper
• 2 self-fabric pockets

Weight N/A


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