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IQ’ Two (2) is your Mayan Tzolkin birthday!

The basic interpretations (similar to an astrological reading) are as follows.

Wind | Breath | Window | Balance
North (Left-hand side) | White | Air

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Among New Age interpreters, Iq’ was lazily associated with the direction North. Among leading epigraphers (those active in reading and attempting to decipher authentic ancient Mayan cosmology and writing) Iq’ is synonymous with the North only because it is interpreted as the far left-hand point of the sun on its back and forth journey (left to right) across the sky from the perspective of the rising sun (east). So in this sense, the direction of the north is more accurately interpreted as the left-hand side of the path of the Sun.

In Mayan codices, North is placed at the left side, or left hand of maps, and is therefore synonymous with our left hand (right brain thinking). In all ancient Mayan codices, and those of the Aztecs, and other Mesoamerican cultures, the East is placed at the top of maps (the direction of the rising sun). They did this because the direction of the rising sun was preeminent.

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In Yucatecan Mayan, the word for North is Xaman. The “X” is pronounced "sh". References to this direction, whether Mayan or Aztec in origin, refer to the North (left hand of the path of the sun) as the place of death, or the spirit world. In other words, the left hand is the spiritual guide, the communication with the soul, or the right-brain thinking. In a modern context, this would signify the creative impulse, intuition in communication.

In the Popol Vuh, one of the few remaining sacred texts of the early colonial period, we are told the story of how the gods made the first human beings using corn.

The Yucatecan Maya call it xi’im. The Spanish call it maize. The English call it corn. But, for the gods, Xi’im was the best substance for molding and forming the first humans. The Gods ground yellow and white corn and added water. With the resulting dough, the gods formed the first humans. White is the color of truth and improvement. Yellow is the color of wisdom and completeness. The gods formed the first humans (of the Mesoamerican region) from these two colors of humanity.

However, corn takes on four distinct colors including red (east), yellow (west), white (north), and south (black). One could say, from within the context of the Mayan creation story, these are the four colors of corn used to make the four races of humanity (red, white, black, and yellow).

White is, therefore, likely synonymous with the northern white race (white Indians), the place of white snow, of death (in winter), and thus the place where death resides in its essential form, communion (communication) with the spirit world. How in North America or Russia hasn’t experienced the inward draw of winter and communion with the self, the soul, in a purifying (meditative) sense.

Iq’ is also synonymous with the north wind, a bringer of wisdom. The windows of Maya buildings are often placed on north-facing walls and are shaped like the letter T (Maya symbol for wind). These windows allow the wisdom of the north wind to flow through the home and sacred temples.

Iq’ is also synonymous with communication, provided by the wind of our breath, may it be used wisely in bringing forth the intentions and visions formed during the day before Ik’ (Imox).

You are IQ’ Two (2)

The number two (2) embodies bifurcation, polarization, the fork in the road or the river, and thus balance, choice, stability, two legs to stand on. It also means, looking at the "thing" from two perspectives, merging polarization, merging light and dark into balanced perspective (left and right brain intercourse).

In a modern context, this would mean a complete abandonment of polarizing ideologies, of any kind, and a return to more dispassionate intercourse, less emotionalism, a balanced form of communication, and a willingness to look at the "other" perspective, to walk in their shoes as a “thought experiment”, thus coming to more balance, more mature perspectives.

If your birthday, or someone you know, is an IQ’ 2, you or they are a person who is likely to aspire to spiritual wisdom, to spiritual purification and perspective, and to affect a balance of polarities. You are perhaps always working towards this balance in your thinking, in your planning, in your communications, and thus contributing that IQ’ 2 frequency to the whole (collective conscience).

This hat, a humble symbol of that essence, features the Iq’s day glyph and the two-dot number combination for the number two.

Buy it for someone you know whose birthday lands on this date or buy it for yourself if it’s yours. As you learn more about the calendar, wear this hat and be aware that you are taking a step towards synchronizing your consciousness with something closer to natural time.

That is the essence of the Mystics of the Maya.

To discover the incredible astronomical mechanics that lay behind the entire Mayan mathematical, astronomical, and animistic calendrical system, join us at https://www.Patreon.com/mysticsofthemaya

Incidentally, the hat is structured with a classic fit, flat brim, and full buckram. The material is high quality, durable, and easy to clean. The back strap is of course adjustable to make it a comfortable, one-size-fits-most adornment.

• 80% acrylic, 20% wool
• Green Camo is 60% cotton, 40% polyester
• Structured, 6-panel, high-profile
• 6 embroidered eyelets
• Plastic snap closure
• Green under visor
• Head circumference: 21⅝″–23⅝″ (54.9 cm–60 cm)

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