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Imox One (1) is your Mayan Tzolkin birthday.

The basic interpretation (similar to an astrological reading) is as follows.

Crocodile | Rising Sun | Rebirth | Royalty
East | Red | Water (Blood) | Renewal | Cleanse

To learn everything there is to know about IMOX 1, the 260-day, 360-day, 365-day, 52-year, and many other cogs of the Mayan calendar system, join us at

Imox is synonymous with the direction of the East. In Mayan codices, East is placed at the top of the map. They did this because the direction of the rising sun was preeminent.

In a modern context, our bioelectric reality (consciousness), is governed largely by the Sun. The solar wind interacts with and generates the earth’s geomagnetic field through a process called induction. As a result, our bioelectric reality (i.e. our consciousness frequency) is generated and regulated via a direct relationship with the Sun. Perhaps the Maya knew this, in their own way, and so their worship of the Sun becomes more scientific. Nevertheless, Imox is East and synonymous with the rising Sun.

Spelled IMOX in Quiche Mayan dialect, and IMIX in Yucatecan Mayan dialect, Imox is synonymous with the color red. It is also synonymous with the element of water–including the oceans, rivers, lakes, and a Crocodilian monster they believed lived beneath these waters in the underworld of Xibalba.

The color Red is synonymous with the water of our bodies (blood), which appears red when exposed to the open air (oxidized). Because of the relationship between blood and their creation story (join us at Patreon to learn all about it) Imox days are synonymous with Royal crownings, marriages, and other renewal-focused events. It is the first day of a twenty-day cycle embedded within the 260-day Tzolkin, and thus all Imox days are opportunities to focus on and take action towards renewals of all kinds.

IMOX 1 embodies the renewal of intentions, and your personal vision. IMOX 1 is day one of the 260-day Tzolkin calendar round, and therefore IMOX 1 embodies the renewal process more than any other day on the calendar.

The number one (1), in a sequence of 13-days that is also embedded within the 260-day calendar, is the number most symbolic of unity, of coming together, of a shared vision. In ancient times the Shaman King (Halak Uninic), and his/her pantheon of 13-high Priests, would perform mass ceremonies on one (1) days, to engineer shared visions.

If your birthday is IMOX 1, you are a person who aspires and inspires inner and outer unity. You are perhaps always working towards renewals of all kinds. You work to maintain the purity of your blood, and that of the earth (waters), in terms of environmental and personal health, and wellbeing.

This hat features the day glyph and number combination of IMOX 1.

Buy it for someone you know whose birthday lands on this date or buy it for yourself. As you learn more about the calendar, wear this hat and be aware that you are taking a step towards synchronizing your consciousness with something much closer to Nature’s time. We are all faced with mechanized time, forced time, and coercions of a transhumanist nature. It has never been more important to establish a mind-body connection with natural time, to maintain your innate Humanity. That is the Mystics of the Maya.

To learn how to use this calendar on the day-to-day, and to discover the incredible astronomical mechanics that lay behind the entire Mayan mathematical, astronomical, and animistic calendrical system, join us at

Incidentally, the hat is structured with a classic fit, flat brim, and full buckram. The material is high quality, durable and clean. The backstrap is of course adjustable to make it a comfortable, one-size-fits-most adornment.

• 80% acrylic, 20% wool
• Green Camo is 60% cotton, 40% polyester
• Structured, 6-panel, high-profile
• 6 embroidered eyelets
• Plastic snap closure
• Green undervisor
• Head circumference: 21⅝″–23⅝″ (54.9 cm–60 cm)
• Blank product sourced from Vietnam or Bangladesh

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