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KAME Six (6) is your Mayan Tzolkin birthday!

The basic interpretations (similar to an astrological reading) are as follows.

Death | Challenge | Rebirth | Joy
North | White | Air
6 – Imbalance – Tests – Refinement

To learn everything there is to know about KAME 6, and all the 260-day, 360-day, 365-day, 52-year, and other wheels within the Maya astronomical, mathematical and (terrestrial) animistic calendar system, join us at https://www.Patreon.com/mysticsofthemaya

Among epigraphers and the Mayan elders of the Yucatan and Guatemala, KAME is associated with the North and the color white. It is synonymous with the North because it is interpreted to be in the group of days that live and operate at the left-hand of the Sun when facing the direction of the rising sun. So in this sense, North is interpreted as the left-hand side of the path of the Sun. In Mayan codices, North is placed at the left side, or left hand of maps, and is therefore synonymous with our left hand (right brain thinking).

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In Yucatecan Maya, the word for North is Xaman, the place of death, or the spirit world. In other words, the North is the region of spiritual guidance, communication with the soul, or the right-brain thinking (creativity and intuition).

KAME is also synonymous with the joy of rebirth following confrontations with death caused by encounters with death.

6 is the tone of challenges, tests, and trials that cause us to adapt, refine, and re-establish balance in the midst of challenges in order to overcome. In that sense Kame 6 days, are filled with tests that force us to move from familiar to new ways of doing things.

This is the essence of the Mystics of the Maya.

People born to KAME 6 are adept at and are called to face many challenges in life. Fortunately, they have all the courage and adaptability required to face what others might consider death shocks and yet restrike a balance while refining their consciousness and moving forward, always out of their comfort zones.

Incidentally, the hat is structured with a classic fit, flat brim, and full buckram. The material is high quality, durable, and easy to clean. The back strap is of course adjustable to make it a comfortable, one-size-fits-most adornment. It is available in 20 color combinations.

• 80% acrylic, 20% wool
• Green Camo is 60% cotton, 40% polyester
• Structured, 6-panel, high-profile
• 6 embroidered eyelets
• Plastic snap closure
• Green under visor
• Head circumference: 21⅝″–23⅝″ (54.9 cm–60 cm)

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