T-shirt dress – Aztec Codex Borbonicus – Page 14 (center frame) and the Tzolkin Calendar


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Enrich your at-home comfy zone with this casual yet stunning T-shirt dress featuring page 14 (its center frame) of the Aztec Codex Borbonicus, a five-hundred-year-old divination manuscript, as well as the Tzolkin calendar on the arms.

The Borbonicus Codex was painted by Aztec priests before the Spanish conquest of Tenochtitlán in 1521 AD. It was used as a divination tool in prognosticating the downfall of the Aztecs during the New Fire Ceremony of 1507 A.D.

The Tzolkin was the central divination tool of the Mayan calendar system, a 260-day #Pulse

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Incidentally, this dress is the swiss army knife of dresses. It’ll look great almost anywhere in almost any way. Dress it up with a jacket, a unique belt, hang it loose, and give it a casual vibe with a pair of sneakers. Wear it as an inspiring comfy nightie or even as a part of your street-fit. The options are endless. The comfortable oversize fit proves that even comfy can be stylish! And with this incredible, ancient, and indigenous design no one will argue with you. They’ll just ask questions.

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• Made from 96% polyester, 4% spandex
• Smooth and stretchy fabric
• Fabric weight: 6.19 oz/yd² (210 g/m2)
• Lowered armhole with a widened sleeve and a drop shoulder
• Comfortable oversize fit

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